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Posts for: September, 2016

Chronic pain can be debilitating and frustrating, but learning how to manage it can help you take control and have better quality of life.

This seated hamstring stretch is a gentle way to alleviate lower back pain.

September 26, 2016
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Below are five simple steps to prevent “tech neck”—neck pain that results from constantly looking down at a handheld device and/or laptop screen.

September 12, 2016
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Let’s face it, most of us don’t take very good care of our spines. This lack of care can lead to physical discomfort and make us susceptible to future injuries and complications.

Do your spine—and your overall health—a favor and take the time to treat your spine to a few of these 11 indulgences:


A good low-impact way to stretch and strengthen back muscles is yoga. There are several types of yoga, some of which are much better suited for those with chronic conditions.